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ACSCH019 Year 11 Chemical fundamentals
Properties and structure of atoms - Flame tests and atomic absorption spectroscopy are analytical techniques that can be used to identify elements; these methods rely on electron transfer between atomic energy levels

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IEC Spectrometer Flame Emission with new software
This apparatus is used to study Flame and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. A compact system of selectable calibrated colour filters, light sensor and a computer interface makes the unit self contained. It can be used with or without a computer. For 'AA' (Atomic Absorption) work... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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IEC Cuvettes Spectrometer and Colorimeter
IEC SPECTROMETER AND COLORIMETER CUVETTES These small cuvettes are transparent, square shaped tube containers with very flat surfaces, used to carry samples of chemicals in Spectrometers or Colorimeters for measuring clarity or colour. Light is shone through the walls of ... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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2 results found for 'flame'. | View 100 per page