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ACSSU076: Year 4 Physical Sciences - Forces and Moving

Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance

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Balloon Helicopter Experiment Kit
Balloon Powered Helicopter Propulsion Kit This simple little kit demonstrates how helicopter flight is possible. The kit is easy to use: assemble the blades, blow up the balloon and attach it to the blade hub, releasing the air from the balloon allows the air to pas... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SC5361

<br>Inflated balloon attached to hub.
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Anemometer - Digital with Tripod
DIGITAL ANEMOMETER with TRIPOD. Displays wind speed, wind chill, temperature, barometric pressure and altitude. The main display can be toggled between wind speed or altitude, with the sub-display showing either temperature/wind chill or barometric pressure and temperature. This... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SC5033N

<br>Anemometer on tripod
Purchase QTY: (Each)1+
Base price  $72.70
Scientrific's price  $67.00
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