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The information below only applies to our Visual Science Posters

General Poster Sizes

A5 approximate size is 210 x 148mm, this size is only available for the Periodic Table of the Elements self adhesive sticker
A4 approximate size is 210 x 297mm
A3 approximate size is 297 x 420mm
A2+ approximate size is 440 x 610mm (oversized A2)
A1+ approximate size is 610 x 862mm (oversized A1)
A1v approximate size is 650 x 914mm (very oversized A1) this size is only available for tough vinyl posters.

Periodic Table of Elements Poster Sizes and Features:

A4 approximate size is 210 x 297mm double-sided, printed on cardboard
A5 approximate size is 210 x 150mm single-sided paper, adhesive label for placing in exercise books etc
Large approximate size is 100 x 61cm, printed on either 160gsm laminated paper or polypropylene, optional eyelets are available on polypropylene
Extra large approximate size is 150 x 91cm, printed on 160gsm laminated paper or tough vinyl with a laminated front surface

Note: measurements are approximate as trimming of the laminated edges varies, therefore finished sizes are generally a few mm bigger than quoted. Any odd sizes result from the best use of raw materials.

Materials Explained

Materials for Posters:
Laminated Paper posters are printed on 160gsm paper and are hot lamintaed on both sides for durability and ease of cleaning.  The laminate has a non-glare matt finish.  This has been the standard material historically used for posters. Sizes are: A4, A3, A2+ and A1+ (see above).

Materials for BOTH Posters and Periodic Table of Elements Wall Charts:
Tough vinyl is our latest material.  It’s a very strong plastic material which, while expensive, offers the advantages of being available in bigger roll widths and it can be fitted with eyelets for easy poster hanging.  Tough vinyl posters are cold laminated on the printed side to protect the print and to provide a durable, easy to clean surface.  At this time due to its cost we are only providing this material for A1posters and Periodic Table of Elements Wall Charts.

Materials for Periodic Table of Elements Wall Charts ONLY:
Polypropylene is a durable and flexible plastic sheet material, the printed side of which will now be cold laminated to protect the print and provide a durable and easily cleaned surface. Eyelets can be fitted to polypropylene posters.

EYELET Mounting:
For easy mounting A1v posters are fitted with six eyelets, two at the top and bottom plus one on each side.  If you don’t want eyelets please add a comment to your order.  Periodic Table of Elements wall charts have optional eyelets which can ONLY be fitted to tough vinyl and polypropylene versions.  Eyelets can’t be fitted to laminated paper posters.

Individual Posters from any set are available in A1v tough vinyl with eyelets OR in A4, A3, A2+ and A1+  laminated paper without eyelets.