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IEC Millikans Apparatus with Power Supply

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This apparatus is used to perform Millikan's experiment with charged particles moving in an electric field or to observe Brownian motion. Complete with a telescope and graticule for focusing through one of the two windows provided. A tiny amount of latex is atomised and passed through a latex rubber tube which induces a static charge. The particles pass through a hypodermic needle into the cell where they cross the path of an intense white light focused at the centre of the cell. The charged latex particles, with a diameter of approximately 1 micron, present at the focal plane near the centre of the cell, can be clearly seen through the telescope as bright dots.
Cell voltage can be adjusted or reversed. As the voltage between the cell plates is increased the charged particles move towards the plate of opposite potential to the particle. Decreasing the voltage sees the charged particles reverse direction. Using a stopwatch the rate of movement of particles can be measured and by calculation the mass of a single electron can be deduced.
With Built-In Power Supply.
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Last edited 14th May 2019

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