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Laser Speed Of Light Kit

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This kit with several individual experiments, demonstrates a laser's unique ability to perform a variety of tests with deceptive ease including measuring the speed of light.

The instruction manual contains detailed instructions and diagrams that describe equipment set-up, as well as a historical journey into efforts to measure the speed of light. This is a great opportunity to learn not only about new technology, but also the very human history behind it.

Included in the kit are:
• 0.8 mW diode laser
• optical beam splitter
• first- surface mirror
• converging lens
• optics mounts
• electronic control/receiver box with 2-channel receiver and 1 MHz oscillator
• mains power adapter
• optics table
• step-by-step instruction book.

Activities include:
Measuring the speed of light.

Not included but required for operation is:
• a dual-channel 40 MHz oscilloscope.

Last edited 15th May 2019