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Parabolic Microphone with Recorder and Optical Telescope

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After many years this popular product is back. Features a 210mm parabolic reflector to magnify and reflect sound to the built-in microphone and amplifier. The audio range is about 100 metres depending on sound and background noise. Ideal for studying birds and other wildlife.

Also has a built-in monocular image magnifier for sighting and viewing the sound source.

Great for nature studies - I was amazed at just how noisy our "quiet" nights really are when using this microphone.

Listen on the supplied quality headphones or record on the built in micro-chip (12 seconds) and play back using the headphones or transfer the recording to your computer.

Can also connect direct to a suitable audio amplifier or recorder (patch lead required).

* 9V battery required (not included).
* Parabolic reflector: 210mm diameter

Last edited 15th Jul 2015

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