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Vernier Conductivity Probe

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The Vernier Conductivity Probe determines the ionic content of an aqueous solution by measuring its conductivity. This has many applications in chemistry, biology and environmental science.

Vernier's conductivity probe has three ranges providing optimal precision in any given range. Biology teachers can use this probe to demonstrate diffusion of ions through membranes. Chemistry students are able to quickly investigate the difference between ionic and molecular compounds, strong and weak acids, or ionic compounds that yield different ratios of ions. Environmental science students use it to measure TDS, total dissolved solids.


• Fast response time: Reaches 98% of full value in less than 5 seconds.

• Quick and easy calibration using Vernier's software.

• Built-in temperature compensation allows calibration of the probe in the lab before taking measurements outdoors without temperature changes affecting data.

• Alternating current at its electrodes preventing polarization and electrolysis, reducing contamination of solutions.

• ABS-body graphite electrode eliminates worry about corrosion of metal electrodes.


• Range:

     Low Range: 0-200µS/cm (0-100mg/L TDS)

     Mid Range: 0-2000µS/cm (0-1000mg/L TDS)

     High Range: 0-20,000µS/cm (0-10,000mg/L TDS)

• Typical Resolution:

     Low Range: 0.1μS/cm (0.05mg/L TDS)

     Mid Range: 1μS/cm (0.5mg/L TDS)

     High Range 10μS/cm (5mg/L TDS)

• Accuracy using factory calibration:

     ±8% of full-scale reading for low range

     ±3% of full-scale reading for mid range

     ±4% of full-scale reading for high range

• Accuracy using custom calibration: ±2% of full-scale reading for each range

• Response Time: 98% of full-scale reading in 5 seconds, 100% of full-scale in 15 seconds

• Temperature Compensation: automatic from 5-35°C

• Temperature Range (can be placed in): 0-80°C

• Cell Constant: 1.0cm-1

• Description: ABS body, parallel carbon (graphite) electrodes

• Dimensions: 12mm OD and 150mm length


• Vernier Conductivity Probe

• 90mL bottle of 1000µS/cm NaCl standard solution

Download the current Vernier K-12 Catalogue

Download the current Vernier University Catalogue

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 years


    Vernier Conductivity Probe CON-BTA Tech Tips

    This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
    ACSBL019 - Biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life - Describing biodiversity - Ecosystems are diverse, composed of varied habitats and can be described in terms of their component species, species interactions and the abiotic factors that make up the environment
    ACSBL021 - Biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life - Describing biodiversity - In addition to biotic factors, abiotic factors including climate and substrate can be used to and classify environments
    ACSBL029 - Biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life - Ecosystem dynamics - Models of ecosystem interactions (for example, food webs, successional models) can be used to predict the impact of change and are based on interpretation of and extrapolation from sample data (for example, data derived from ecosystem surveying techniques
    ACSBL047 - Cells and multicellular organism - Cells as the basis of life - Factors that affect exchange of materials across membranes include the surface-area-to-volume ratio of the cell, concentration gradients, and the physical and chemical nature of the materials being exchanged
    ACSBL046 - Cells and multicellular organism - Cells as the basis of life - Movement of materials across membranes occurs via diffusion, osmosis, active transport and/or endocytosis
    ACSBL045 - Cells and multicellular organism - Cells as the basis of life - The cell membrane separates the cell from its surroundings and controls the exchange of materials, including gases, nutrients and wastes, between the cell and its environment
    ACSCH063 - Molecular interactions and reactions - Aqueous solutions and acidity - The concentration of a solution is defined as the amount of solute divided by the amount of solution; this can be represented in a variety of ways including by the number of moles of the solute per litre of solution (mol L­1) and the mass of the solute pe
    ACSCH065 - Molecular interactions and reactions - Aqueous solutions and acidity - The solubility of substances in water, including ionic and molecular substances, can be explained by the intermolecular forces between species in the substances and water molecules, and is affected by changes in temperature
    ACSCH061 - Molecular interactions and reactions - Aqueous solutions and acidity - Water is a key substance in a range of chemical systems because of its unique properties, including its boiling point, density in solid and liquid phases, surface tension, and ability to act as a solvent
    ACSCH102 - Equilibrium acids and redox reactions - Chemical equilibrium systems - Volumetric analysis methods involving acid­base reactions rely on the identification of an equivalence point by measuring the associated change in pH, using chemical indicators or pH meters, to reveal an observable end point
    ACSSU176 - Biological Sciences - Ecology - Ecosystems consist of communities of interdependent organisms and abiotic components of the environment; matter and energy flow through these systems
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    Safety Data SheetsSodium Chloride Solution
    User ManualGetting Started - Connecting your sensor
    User ManualVernier Conductivity Probe