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Elementary Science with Vernier

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Elementary Science with Vernier is a lab book containing 43 fun and engaging experiments for students in grades 2-6. Activities investigate the topics of temperature, motion, force, magnetism, light, electricity and pressure. Also included are lots of teacher tips, black-line masters and clear illustrations to facilitate student understanding.
Designed for data collection with Logger Lite and LabQuest App only.

If you have previously purchased a copy of this Vernier lab book please contact Support at for free access to the electronic version and it's updated contents.

Printed Lab Book
• 43 ready-to-use student experiments
• Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
• Instructions for data collection with Logger Lite and LabQuest App
• Essential instructor information including teaching tips, instructions for preparing solutions, suggested answers and sample data and graphs
• Word-processing files of the student experiments so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
• Complete equipment and supplies list
• A generous site licence­—buy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class
• One printed copy of the book

Electronic Version EWV-E
When you buy the electronic version of the lab book you receive all of the resources listed for the printed version
except a printed copy of the book.

Table of Contents
1. Learning to Use Go!Temp
2. How Do Mittens Keep You Warm?
3. Baggie Mittens
4. The Sole Purpose
5. Cool Reaction!
6. Cold as Ice
7. Are We Cool or What?
8. Why Do We Need Thermometers?
9. Celsius or Fahrenheit. What's the Difference?
10. Getting it Just Right!
11. Go!Temp Spends the Night
12. Hold Everything! Comparing Insulators
13. Keepin' it Cool! Design Your Own Thermos
14. I'm Melting! Water Changes States
15. Solid, Liquid, Gas: Water Can Do it All!
16. Learning to Use the Pressure Sensor
17. Get a Grip!
18. Under Pressure
19. Bubbles in Your Bread
20. Learning to Use Go! Motion
21. e-Motion
22. Batty About Science
23. Spring into Action!
24. Air Ball!
25. Driving with Energy
26. Weigh Station - All Trucks Stop!
27. Learning to Use the Force Sensor
28. Lift the Load
29. What a Drag!
30. Oh! My Aching Back! How Ramps Make Lifting Easier
31. Learning to Use the Light Probe
32. Distance From the Sun
33. Summer and Winter
34. Sunshine on My Shoulders
35. Reflectivity of Light
36. Learning to Use the Magnetic Field Sensor
37. Exploring the Poles
38. Making Magnets
39. Electromagnets
40. Learning to Use the Voltage Probe
41. Are All Batteries the Same?
42. Stacked Batteries
43. All Worn Out!
P1. Weather Stations

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details