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IEC Air Track 2.0m Complete with All Parts

Order code: MF0107Z-001
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Air Tracks provide an air cushion allowing motion experiments to be easily and accurately performed with almost no frictional errors. Consists of an anodised aluminium air tube which is generally supported on an optional sturdy sub-base. Kits with gliders and numerous attachments are provided to cover a large range of experiments. Attachments and gliders relate to a special weight system, so that a weighing balance is unnecessary for many experiments. The various experimental parameters may be permanently recorded using the optional spark recording system or by using a strobe lamp and camera, (not supplied). With a comprehensive instruction book.

Requires an Air Source like the LB0115-002.

Contains: 2 metre air track tube, complete with assembly and operation kits.

Last edited 16th May 2019

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User ManualIEC Air Track 2.0m

mf0107z.jpgAir Track, Gliders, kit parts etc. Air Source and Hose are pictured but are not included.