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Vernier White Light Digital Bioimaging System

Order code: WHT-DBS
Sorry, no longer available and we have no alternative product.

View and analyse gels stained with non-fluorescent, visible stains with Logger Pro software using the White Digital Bioimaging System. The system includes the White Light Transilluminator, Imaging Hood, ProScope HR digital USB camera with 1-10X lens, and a ProScope Stand.

* Our White Light Transilluminator uses bright LEDs to illuminate DNA gel banding patterns, making it a safe and affordable alternative to ultraviolet transilluminators.
* The White Light Transilluminator works well with Fast Blast DNA stain.
* The Imaging Hood eliminates glare or stray light for a great photo every time.
* The ProScope HR, a high-resolution, digital USB camera, with a 1-10X lens for use with Logger Pro software.
* The adjustable ProScope stand for easy set up.

Gel analysis, formerly a tedious task often producing mediocre results, Logger Pro provides students with a fast, easy way to document and analyse digital gel images. Using a photo taken with a ProScope HR, your own digital camera, or just by inserting a photo from a file, Logger Pro helps your students create a standard curve and calculate the number of base pairs (molecular weight) for each experimental band in only a few minutes.

For more information please download the Vernier Catalogue as a low resolution PDF file Download PDF

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

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White Light Transilluminator, Proscope with HR-10 fitted, Hood and Stand.White Light Transilluminator, Proscope with HR-10 fitted, Hood and Stand.