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Cork Borers Set of 6

Order code: SC14320
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Serrated borers designed for boring holes into cork or rubber stoppers. There are six nickel plated steel borers in the set. The outer diameter of each borer is:
W-26A Cork Borers (set of 6 pcs)
No. OD in mm
1 5.00
2 6.25
3 7.50
4 8.75
5 10.00
6 11.25

Note the bored hole will be slightly smaller than the diameter of the borer.

Includes a push rod for clearing the borers.

Last updated 26/04/2013 JAC.

Last edited 14th May 2019

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sc14320.jpgSix Cork Borers stacked.

sc14320 separated.jpgOne Cork Borer removed from stack.