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IEC Filter Colour 100x100mm Unmounted Set of 10

Order code: HL1882-001
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Scientrific's price  $32.10    
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A set of ten 100mm x 100mm plain unmounted filters - bright blue, cyan, magenta, orange, primary blue, primary green, primary red, violet, yellow, yellow chrome. More info Download PDF 197KB

Individual 100mm x 100mm filters are available at $4.40 each - part numbers:
HL1992-010 bright blue, HL1882-008 cyan, HL1882-004 magenta, HL1882-009 orange, HL1882-006 primary blue, HL1882-003 primary green, HL1882-002 primary red, HL1882-005 violet, HL1882-007 yellow, HL1882-011 yellow-chrome.

Last edited 16th May 2019

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