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Nalgene Value Pack of Lab Plasticware

Order code: 1350-0001 End of line stock clearance! Limited stock available.
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Nalgene Labware Value Pack
• Convenient - receive 20 items with one catalog number
• Cost effective - variety of everyday lab items at one low price
• Safe alternative to glass - won’t shatter or break!
• 20 pieces including:

Qty Product Size Material* Autoclavable
6 Straight-Sided Jars, 500mL PPCO Yes
4 Unitary wash bottles 500mL LDPE No
2 Graduated cylinders 100mL PPCO Yes
1 Graduated cylinders 500mL PPCO Yes
1 Graduated cylinders 1L PPCO Yes
1 Griffin Low Form Beaker 50mL PPCO Yes
1 Griffin Low Form Beaker 100mL PPCO Yes
1 Griffin Low Form Beaker 250mL PPCO Yes
1 Griffin Low Form Beaker 600mL PPCO Yes
1 Griffin Low Form Beaker 1000mL PPCO Yes
1 Unwire™ Half-Rack, Blue for 30mm tubes RMT Yes
*PPCO = Polypropylene Copolymer; LDPE = Low Density Polyethylene;
RMT = Resmer Manufacturing Technology

All items in the labware value pack are chemically compatible with a wide range of common laboratory reagents; especially acids, bases and alcohols.

Graduated Cylinders Meet CFR 21, Part 177.1520 and ASTM* E 1272 Class B accuracy requirements as well as ISO Standard 6706. Beakers meet ISO/DIN 7056 International Standards for Laboratory Plasticware Accuracy.

Remove jar closure and autoclave separately

Last edited 1st Sep 2016

1350-0001.jpgSome of the 20 pieces in the Value Pack. Chemical not included.