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Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 30L

Order code: SC88213
$P.O.A. Each

Australian made 30 litre Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet that complies with AS3780-2008. This cabinet can store 1 x 20L container or 6 x 2.5L containers.

Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets are suitable for the safe storage of corrosive substances that are listed as class 8 corrosive substances in the Australian Dangerous Goods code or that meet the classification in that code for corrosive substances.

• Capacity: 30 litres
• Shelves: 1
• Trays: 1
• External dimensions: 800x505x460mm HWD
• Internal dimensions: 520x420x375mm HWD
• Weight: 53kg

• Painted inside and out eliminating corrosion issues.
• Ventilation ports with built in flame arrestor.
• Fully adjustable galvanised shelf perforated to permit free air flow complete with corrosion resistant polyethylene trays.
• Shelves and trays easily replaced if damaged.
• Welded shelf brackets that fully interlock with shelves. 40mm spacing between brackets.
• Continuous stainless steel piano hinge ensuring smooth closure of door.
• Self closing mechanism, easily replaced should door be damaged.
• Three point self latching locking system. Easy grip handle for opening of cabinet. Lock keyed to 92268.
• Capable of being opened from the inside.
• Fully welded 150mm deep liquid tight sump capable of containing at least 25% of the maximum storage capacity.
• Built in ground connector.
• Round corners on door.
• Full instructions on usage of the cabinet attached to the inside of the door.
• Danger alert sign indicating specific hazardous substances stored in cabinet.

Contact us for the full range of spare parts, sizes and other cabinet types available including:
• Emergency Information Storage Cabinets
• Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets
• Oxidising Agent Storage Cabinets
• Toxic Substance Storage Cabinets

Freight can be quite expensive for this large product.

  • Warranty: Not recorded
    • Product size: 505x800x460mm (WHD)
    • Weight: 53kg
    • Package size (HxWxD): 900 x 600 x 560mm
    • Packed weight: 60kg

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