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ACSSU153: Year 8 Earth and Space Sciences - Rocks and Minerals

Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks contain minerals and are formed by processes that occur within Earth over a variety of timescales

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ScienceWiz Super Crystals
Grow giant, dinner plate sized, starburst crystals in less than a minute! The crystals can be reused to create a variety of structures including crystal sculptures and poured solutions that literally freeze in mid-air. Amazing! For ages 8 and up. Features: • F... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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UV Beads Bag of Mixed Colours - Approximately 250
UV BEADS These beads are normally a milky white colour but when exposed to UV light they become brilliantly coloured as you can see in the attached picture. Supplied as a bag of APPROXIMATELY 250 mixed colours - red-purple, dark blue, yellow, red, light blue, orange, pur... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SC1093

<br>Pictured is a bag of thousands of coloured beads.
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Fluorescent Minerals
A boxed set of 15 mineral samples imported from the USA that fluoresce under long wave or short wave UV light. Supplied with an explanatory leaflet. The rocks are: • Aragonite • Bituminous Coal • Calcite in marble • Chalcedony • Flourite • Hackmanite • Ha... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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ScienceWiz Magnifier
Spare part for the ScienceWiz™ Light kit, Chemistry Plus kit, Rocks kit and Energy kit. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SCW9207
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