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Welcome to Primary and Secondary Australian Curriculum: Science resources

This section has been developed by Scientrific to make it easier for you to find the resources you need to teach under the new Australian Curriculum.


Primary Science

The Primary Science page helps you find products that are linked to the Australian Curriculum: Science codes. You can retrieve products from our catalogue based on Year levels and ACS code as well as find out more about ideas for using these curriculum resources in your teaching program.



Secondary Science

The Years 7 - 10 page aligns products from our catalogue with the Australian Curriculum: Science codes. The page is categorised into topics based on Year levels to provide an easy way to retrieve products from our catalogue aligned with ACS codes.


The Senior Science page provides links between the Australian Curriculum: Science curriculum topics and selected key experiments that are typically performed in classrooms.




If you prefer to use a filtered search by Strand, Year level or ACS code for products, then use the search facility to help you find what you need.