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Logger Pro 3.14.1 for Mac and Windows UPDATE released August 25, 2017

Logger Pro 3.14.1 is the latest update to Vernier's award-winning data-collection software. This update is free when updating any version of Logger Pro 3. If using a LabQuest or LabQuest 2 please make sure they are also running the latest version of their software.

Recent Features of Logger Pro 3.14:

Network Installations:
If installing on a new operating system that will not install Logger Pro from your CD or you need a silent installer for a network installation please contact us using the email address at the base of this page.


Logger Pro 3.14.1 - FREE DEMO VERSION for Mac or Windows released August 25, 2017 
This is a fully functional version of Logger Pro which will work for 30 days from the date of installation.

Logger Lite 1.9.3 released September 12, 2017

LabQuest 2 Application, Version 2.8.1 (update instructions) released November 27, 2017.  Visit this update page to learn how to successfully apply the update to add new functionality and enhancements for your LabQuest 2.  If using Logger Pro software please update it to version 3.14.1 (above) to ensure compatibility.

Recent Features:

LabQuest App. 1.7.6 UPDATE released May 17, 2017. Visit this update page to learn how to successfully apply the update and add new features for the original LabQuest interface.  If using Logger Pro software please update it to version 3.14 (above) to ensure compatibility.

New Features of Version 1.7.6


LabQuest Viewer 2.0.1 released March 24, 2015


Graphical Analysis for Chrome is available from the chrome web store
Product details available from the Vernier website here.


Graphical Analysis for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® and Android™ are available from the App Store or Google play respectively. Product details are available from the Vernier website here.


Graphical Analysis 3.8.4 for Windows and Mac released May 9, 2011. This is dated and unsupported software, Logger Pro has better analysis features and should be used instead.

A note re LabQuest Mini:
Once installed Logger Pro 3.14 will automatically update any subsequently connected LabQuest Mini that is running old firmware.

In Australia if you need technical SUPPORT please email Scientrific at the address below NOT Vernier as Vernier will simply direct your enquiry to Scientrific.

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