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Friendly service, quality products, great pricing, original and unique Scientrific products.

Scientrific Pty Ltd has been in business since 1992 and is a wholly Australian owned and operated company. We manufacture and supply science equipment to schools, universities, TAFEs, industry and private individuals throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

Initially we made a small Van de Graaff generator, which we called a Staticsphere. While demonstrating the Staticsphere to schools we were often asked to repair science equipment and to develop new products. This resulted in our offering a repair service (since discontinued) on a broad range of science equipment and expanding the range of products we manufactured to include a: Boyle's Law Apparatus; Remagnetiser; Vacuum Jar; Vacuum Free Fall Tube; Electric Fields Apparatus; Super Magnet Tongs and other products.

Manufacturing and supplying our own products led to us supplying equipment from other Australian or overseas manufacturers. We quickly learnt that an overseas sample was often nothing like the stock supplied and that some importers and overseas manufacturers have no idea of quality control. This lesson was reinforced when we were frequently asked to repair badly designed and/or unsafe equipment like a Tesla Coil which was subject to a safety recall.

The plethora of poor quality and unsafe products resulted in our decision to only sell quality products, which, when possible we source from Australian manufacturers like Melbourne based IEC (Industrial Equipment & Control Pty Ltd).  Distributing IEC products has enabled us to offer a large range of reliable, Australian made, value-for-money products.

In 2008 we were appointed as the sole Australian distributor for Vernier Software and Technology who are, without doubt, the world's premier manufacturer and supplier of educational data loggers and sensors.

Our international suppliers include:
Vernier Software and Technology (Data Loggers and Sensors)
Adam Equipment (Balances)
Thames and Kosmos (Science Kits)
Industrial Fiber Optics (Lasers and Optics Equipment)
KidWind (Wind and Alternative Energy Kits)
ScienceWiz (Primary Science Kits)

We are acutely aware of the need to get orders out quickly and when we can't dispatch promptly we always try to advise our customers of delays and offer alternatives where possible.

To improve our service we are now carrying far more shelf stock, indeed we probably have more IEC stock on-hand than any other distributor. Sometimes delays, especially on imported products, are unavoidable. Some delays highlight the decline in local manufacture like the lack of specialist plating services or even the supply of a simple rubber bush that we had to import, so much for globalization.

While price is not everything we do try to offer the best price possible especially on popular items. IEC as a manufacturer has a list price, which is what you'd pay if you bought from most IEC distributors. We have a policy of buying IEC products in bulk, which enables us to discount IEC products or to run specials on them, some of these discounts are significant. If you find a lower price on any product please contact us for our best price.

The coming year will see us marketing an expanded range of popular products and the introduction of a new range of Scientrific products assembled by us and only available from us. Advertising will continue to give you an accurate description of products to ensure that what you get is also what you thought you were ordering.

If you are looking for a product that simply doesn't exist we would love to hear from you with a view to seeing if it feasible to start producing it!

Any feedback on raising our standards is most appreciated.

We look forward to being of service to you.