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ACSSU188: Year 10 Earth and Space Sciences - Universe

The universe contains features including galaxies, stars and solar systems and the Big Bang theory can be used to explain the origin the universe

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ExperimentSC11 Emission SpectraPDF

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Telescope Refractor 1000mmx102mm
Type: REFRACTOR * With a big 102mm objective * 1000mm focal length * Equatorial mount * Finderscope 6 x 30mm * S10 AND S20 eyepieces * Aluminium tripod with tray Options include: camera adaptor, 12V motor drive, eyepieces and Barlow lens. A refractor tel... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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Scope Constructor
SCOPE CONSTRUCTOR Build your own microscopes, telescopes and binoculars with this unique optical construction kit. This innovative kit teaches young scientists how microscopes and telescopes work by letting them build these scopes from simple, reconfigurable parts. Dis... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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