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Vortex Bottle Connector - Tornado in a Bottle

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A great demonstration tool to show a 'tornado in a bottle' and that water can only leave an inverted upper bottle and flow to a lower bottle if trapped air can also flow between the bottles. Getting the water rotating in the shape of a tornado allows the trapped air to travel upwards in the resulting vortex.

The connector screws onto most plastic soft drink bottles bottles. The quality of the seal varies between bottles and it is not unusual to have some leakage occur. If worried about leakage some 'Plumber's Tape' will provide a better seal.

For the best possible seal always remove the serrated security ring from your opened bottles prior to fitting the Vortex Bottle Connector.

To highlight the vortex effect use household food dye to colour the water.

Requires two identical bottles (not supplied), suitable bottles range from about 500ml to 1.5 litres with 28/30ml diameter tops.

  • Warranty: 3 months

    Last edited 4th Feb 2020

sc17085.jpgVortex Bottle Connector.

sc17085-1.jpgVortex Connector fitted to Bottles (bottles not supplied).