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Vernier Go Direct Sensor Bracket

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Vernier's Go Direct sensor bracket fits most of Vernier's box-shaped Go Direct® sensors. Attach the bracket to Vernier's accessory rod or any tripod with a standard camera mount to hold a sensor still and stable for repetitive measurements.

The bracket allows mounting of the following sensors:
• Vernier Go Direct® Sound Sensor
• Vernier Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor
• Vernier Go Direct® Light and Color Sensor
• Vernier Go Direct® Radiation Monitor
• Vernier Go Direct® EKG Sensor
• Vernier Go Direct® Energy Sensor
• Vernier Go Direct® Current Probe
• Vernier Go Direct® Voltage Probe
• Vernier Go Direct® Constant Current System

The bracket fits on these Vernier products:
• Vernier Replacement Rod for Dual-Range Force Sensor, Photogate or WDSS
• Vernier Light Sensor Holder for Optics Expansion Kit

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Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

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Works with:
GDX-SNDVernier Go Direct Sound Sensorfrom $225.00 plus GST
GDX-EKGVernier Go Direct EKG Sensorfrom $403.00 plus GST
GDX-GPVernier Go Direct Gas Pressure Sensorfrom $225.00 plus GST
GDX-LCVernier Go Direct Light and Colour Sensorfrom $200.00 plus GST
GDX-RADVernier Go Direct Radiation Monitor - Geiger Counterfrom $453.00 plus GST
GDX-NRGVernier Go Direct Energy Sensorfrom $225.00 plus GST
GDX-CURVernier Go Direct Current Probefrom $200.00 plus GST
GDX-VOLTVernier Go Direct Voltage Probefrom $175.00 plus GST
GDX-CCSVernier Go Direct Constant Current Systemfrom $193.00 plus GST
ACC-RODVernier Photogate / DFS Rodfrom $8.00 plus GST
LSHB-OEKVernier OEK Light Sensor Holderfrom $41.00 plus GST

gdx-mount.jpgVernier Go Direct Sensor Bracket.

gdx-mount-1.jpgVernier Go Direct Sensor Bracket holding GDX-LC on retort stand and accessory rod (not included).

gdx-mount-2.jpgVernier Go Direct Sensor Bracket holding GDX-LC on retort stand and accessory rod (not included).