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Vernier Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer

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The Vernier Go Direct® Visible Spectrophotometer is a robust and accurate portable visible light spectrophotometer that connects easily to your device via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB to conduct Beer’s law experiments, kinetic or equilibrium studies of absorbance, or emission spectrum analysis.

Increase student engagement in your laboratory and classroom with the Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer. Its quality optical bench allows for high accuracy and reproducibility, making this spectrometer an ideal option for upper-level courses. In addition, the spectrometer housing is aluminum, which helps alleviate temperature fluctuations during a long kinetics experiment.

The Vernier Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer comprises a lamp with cuvette holder and a detector. These two pieces are held together magnetically, allowing them to be easily separated for high-accuracy emissions experiments with the Vernier Emissions Fiber.

To collect spectral, kinetic, or Beer’s law data, simply connect the Vernier Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer directly to a tablet, laptop or Chromebook™ via USB or Bluetooth® wireless technology. Data can be collected and analyzed using our LabQuest® 2, LabQuest 3 or free Vernier Spectral Analysis® software which allows users to spend less time learning different interfaces and more time in the laboratory.

The Vernier Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer can be used in a variety spectroscopy experiments:
• Determine peak wavelength to collect data on solution concentration for studies of Beer’s law or to monitor rates of reaction.
• Conduct enzyme kinetics experiments.
• Engage in equilibrium studies of absorbance vs time or absorbance vs concentration.
• Use the Vernier Emissions Fiber to measure emissions from flame tests or other light sources.

• Wavelength range: 380nm–950nm
• Reported wavelength interval: ~1nm between reported values
• Optical resolution (FWHM): 3.0nm
• Wavelength accuracy: ± 2.0nm
• Absorbance photometric accuracy: ± 0.05A.U.
• Typical scan time: ~2s

• Vernier Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer
• 15 plastic cuvettes and lids
• Mini USB cable
• USB power adapter

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details