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Blaze-Ball™ will replace any ball in virtually any game and add a whole new dimension to the play.
Its bouncing and flipping motion makes for crazy games!

Try these ideas:
•Blaze-Ball™ Football - same rules as football but it goes farther.
•Blaze-Ball™ Hacking - juggle it with your feet (start with one bounce between each kick, or try it with no bounces, then try it off a wall!)
•Blaze-Ball™ Paddleball - keep it in the air with paddles or racquets (keep track of the number of hits)
•Blaze-Ball™ Wall-Ball - bounce it off the wall to yourself or other players.
•Blaze-Ball™ Tennis - Hit it high with a racquet and play the bounce!
•Blaze-Ball™ Baseball - pitch it and hit it with a bat out of the field!
•Blaze-Ball™ Imagination - You make the rules--the sky is the limit!

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