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Milestones in Science

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The 100 Most Significant Experiments and Discoveries of All Time.
Embark on an active research expedition through the history of science and technology with this Thames and Kosmos kit. Learn about famous scientists and inventors, like Archimedes, Copernicus, Einstein, Watt and Darwin, as you reproduce their ground-breaking experiments. Read about each scientist and their times, what they did and how they did it and then see it yourself first-hand! From the Stone Age to modern times, the history of science comes to life in front of you in this tangible, hands-on format. This comprehensive kit covers the accomplishments of over 140 scientists and civilisations.

Dive into this clever book-shaped box and immerse yourself in the studies that enthralled the brightest scientific minds that ever lived. As you conduct experiments with the 94 pieces included, your workspace will quickly come to resemble the labs and workshops of these legendary scientists.

Young historians and scientists alike will be captivated by this overview of the history of science. In addition to instructions for the experiments, the 96-page, full-colour experiment manual details 100 experiments and contains a wealth of interesting historical information, giving context to the scientists and their work. The book is beautifully designed to playfully resemble a scientist's lab journal from the past.
For ages 10 and up.

Lists of the full contents of this kit and some sample pages from the Experiment Manual are included here:
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Nine chapters:
• Light, Colours and Sound
• Heat, Steam and Engines
• Magnetism and Electricity
• Communication and Microelectronics
• Forces
• Life
• Atoms and Molecules
• Stars and Planets
• The Periodic Table

Last edited 14th Apr 2020

Manual SampleMilestones in Science