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Vernier Polariser Analyser Kit

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The Polariser/Analyser set extends the Optics Expansion Kit to allow students to study polarisation of light. Malus' Law experiments are easy, detailed and accurate using a RMV-BTD Vernier Rotary Motion Sensor to record analyser angle.

The Polariser/Analyser Set includes a Fixed Polariser, an Adjustable Analyser and an Adjustable Analyser for the RMV-BTD Rotary Motion Sensor. Add to these the Light Source and Light Sensor Holder from the OEK, a RMV-BTD Rotary Motion Sensor and the LS-BTA Light Sensor for a complete system for studying polarisation.

• The fixed polariser linearly polarises the light from the light source.
• The adjustable analyser for the rotary motion sensor uses the RMV-BTD to record the angle of the analyser.
• The adjustable analyser can be placed after the polariser to study the curious behavior of stacks of three polarisers.
• A light sensor measures the transmitted light intensity allowing a simple Malus’ Law experiment.

• Adjustable analyser
• Adjustable analyser for RMV-BTD
• 2 mounting screws for RMV-BTD
• Belt for RMV-BTD

• The polariser passes vertically polarised light.
• The adjustable analyser for RMV-BTD Vernier Rotary Motion Sensor includes a mount for the RMV-BTD to record the analyser angle.
• The adjustable analyser also includes an angle scale for manual reading of the polariser angle.

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  • Warranty: 5 years

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