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ScienceWiz Chess: Once a Pawn a Time

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Want your students to love chess as well as master it?

In ScienceWiz Chess: Once A Pawn A Time™ author and teacher Patzi Stewart takes a beginner through the fundamentals of playing chess in a new and engaging way.

Instructional Storybook One begins with a whimsical introduction to all the chess pieces, the two chess kingdoms and the board layout. Your students will understand the basic moves for each piece at the completion of this book.

Storybook Two develops your students' novice playing skills by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each chess piece.

Each set includes:
• Chess board
• Chess pieces (standard Staunton Chess pieces where the king is 76mm high)
• Two instructional storybooks
• Sturdy storage box

Last edited 10th Dec 2013