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Red and Green Laser Diffraction Kit

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This product has been developed for us in conjunction with the Australian National University. It combines a Class 2 red laser (650nm) and a Class 2 green laser (532nm) in a single durable plastic housing. Powered by 2xAAA batteries. Two small super magnets in the body allow attachment to magnetic white boards.

The dual lasers allow simultaneous analysis of optical phenomena using two wavelengths. Examples of experiments this product can be used for include:
• Diffraction patterns through gratings and slits
• Calculation of laser wavelengths
• Diffraction in optical communication
• Calculation of particle and pinhole sizes

• Experiment manual
• 1,000 lines per mm diffraction grating
• A singe slit diffraction grating
• A double slit diffraction grating
• A blank slide holder

  • Product size: 70x90x25mm (WHD)

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    This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
    ACSPH076 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - A wave model explains a wide range of light­related phenomena including reflection, refraction, total internal reflection, dispersion, diffraction and interference; a transverse wave model is required to explain polarisation
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    ExperimentDiffraction and Interference

sc16000.jpgRed and Green Laser Diffraction Kit

sc16000a.jpgLaser Beams from the Red and Green Laser Diffraction Kit passing through lenses from the Laser View Kit HL1985-001 (not included).