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Vernier Variable Load

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The Vernier Variable Load is designed to be used in conjunction with the Vernier Energy Sensor to provide a range of resistive loads for projects such as wind turbines or solar panels. The Vernier Variable Load provides an easy way to adjust the resistance load on a circuit. Students can adjust the potentiometer to provide resistances between 6 and 255 Ω, allowing them to determine the optimal load on a system.

The Vernier Variable Load can be used on any circuit not exceeding 0.22 A. The included wire leads allow for easy attachment to the Load terminals of the Energy Sensor or other circuit.

Note: Measured resistance values are not meaningful when current and voltage values are near zero.

• Maximum Input: 0.22 A
• Resistance: 6 – 255 Ω

• Vernier Variable Load
• Two insulated jumper wires fitted with mini-alligator clips

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Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 years

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ves-vl.jpgVernier Variable Load.