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ACSPH106: Year 12 Gravity and electromagnetism - Electromagnetism

Current­carrying wires are surrounded by magnetic fields; these fields are utilised in solenoids and electromagnets

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IEC Power Supply 2 to 12V AC/DC Mini Pack
IEC MINI PACK POWER SUPPLY Australia's most popular student power supply is great for experiments in a laboratory where DC ripple and close voltage monitoring is not required. This power supply is now in a new smaller case, just 173mm x 130mm x 85mm, making it easier to ... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: LB2629-001

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Vernier Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor
VERNIER GO DIRECT 3-AXIS MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR Vernier's Go Direct™ 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor measures the components of the magnetic field along three orthogonal axes. This allows you to determine the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at any point in spa... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: GDX-3MG

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Vernier Magnetic Field Sensor
VERNIER MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR Vernier's Magnetic Field Sensor can be used to study the field around permanent magnets, coils and electrical devices. It features a rotating sensor tip to measure both transverse and longitudinal magnetic fields. The sensor uses a Hall ef... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: MG-BTA

<br>Magnetic Field Sensor with tip angled
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Compass Magnetic 40mm Dia with Aluminium Housing (6)
A pack of six 40mm diameter pocket compasses. Compasses show the main compass points (N, S, E and W) and are marked in 5° increments. Housed in an aluminium housing. Ideal for magnetic field experiments, also suitable as a plotting compass. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SC13930

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IEC Power Supply DIGI PACK 2 to 12V plus 1 to 16V Regulated
IEC POWER SUPPLY 'DIGI PACK' This DOUBLE power supply has a standard 2-12V output power supply on the left hand side of the front panel but also incorporates a smoothly variable, regulated and filtered 1 to 16 DC volts, 3 amp output on the Right hand side of the unit. Ma... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: LB2628-001

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IEC Wave Demo Spring Short Slinky
This slinky spring can stretch from a compact length of 100mm to an amazing 10 metres (approximate lengths). When stretched along the floor or hung vertically it can clearly and simply demonstrate wave motion. This spring is also available in the SW4260-001 spring set. ... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: PA4260-002

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Power Supply 9V to 15V 15A Switch Mode
This amazingly lightweight and small mains operated, imported, power supply can deliver 15 amps continuously at 9 to 15 volts DC. Complete with analogue voltage and current meters. 15A can be drawn from the 4mm banana sockets or 7 amps taken from the cigarette lighter type socket... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SC5644

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