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ACSPH137: Year 12 Revolutions in modern physics - Quantum theory

A wide range of phenomena, including black body radiation and the photoelectric effect, are explained using the concept of light quanta

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Vernier Spectrophotometer Optical Fiber
VERNIER SPECTROPHOTOMETER OPTICAL FIBER This is an optical fibre accessory designed exclusively for emission spectrum experiments with Vernier-branded spectrometers. Simply insert the unit into the cuvette holder and point the tip of the 1m optical fibre at a light source... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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IEC Planck's Constant
IEC PLANCK'S CONSTANT A low cost instrument used to determine Planck’s Constant and discover that the wavelength of light determines the energy in the photons … not the amount of light. The voltage that causes 2 microamps to flow through each selected LED is carefu... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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IEC Photo-Electric Effect Planck's Constant
IEC PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT AND PLANK'S CONSTANT A well-designed instrument with two digital meters to simultaneously indicate both the current through the internal photo-cell and the backing voltage applied to the cell. Experiments can be performed in the following areas... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: AP2341-002

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