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IEC Photo-Electric Effect - Planck's Constant Apparatus

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A well-designed instrument with two digital meters to simultaneously indicate both the current through the internal photo-cell and the backing voltage applied to the cell.

Experiments can be performed in the following areas:
• Photo Electric Effect - that light can create an electric current
• Illumination / Current relationship - that current changes with luminous intensity
• Energy of a Photon - that a photon can drive an electron from a surface
• Planck’s Constant - the amazing relationship between energy and wavelength
• Energy Distribution - where the energy is expended

• Dual meters permit the “backing voltage” and the photo-cell current to be viewed together without requiring the switching from one to the other
• Removal of two selection switches makes readings quicker and less confusing
• Select nanoamps or microamps as the current range for some of the experiments

• Photo-Electric Effect instrument
• 9V battery type #216
• One 12V, 25W QI 2 pin light bulb
• 5 x Colour filters calibrated in nanometres wavelength.
• 4 x Apertures of 7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm diameters
• One test sheet
• Experiment sheets

AP2342-001 IEC Digital Photo-Electric Effect Planck's Constant is a similar instrument but uses LEDs of specific wavelengths as the light sources to avoid the use and possible loss of colour filters.

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.

  • Product size: 272x110x160mm (WHD)
  • Weight: 1.3kg

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    This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
    ACSPH137 - Revolutions in modern physics - Quantum theory - A wide range of phenomena, including black body radiation and the photoelectric effect, are explained using the concept of light quanta
    ACSPH138 - Revolutions in modern physics - Quantum theory - Atoms of an element emit and absorb specific wavelengths of light that are unique to that element; this is the basis of spectral analysis
    ACSPH136 - Revolutions in modern physics - Quantum theory - On the atomic level, electromagnetic radiation is emitted or absorbed in discrete packets called photons; the energy of a photon is proportional to its frequency; and the constant of proportionality, Planck’s constant, can be determined experimentally (fo

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