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ACSSU032: Year 2 Earth and Space Sciences - Water

Earth’s resources, including water, are used in a variety of ways

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Bubble Science (V2.0)
SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS WITH SOAP BUBBLES. Experiment with fascinating soap bubbles to learn physical science fundamentals in a fun way. For countless generations people have been captivated by the unique properties of soap bubbles. See for yourself why these elegantly s... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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Dropper Plastic 2ml with Teat Pack 10
Plastic dropper with rubber bulb, capacity is approximately 2mL. Overall length is approximately 95mm. Sold as a pack of ten. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SC14617

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Recycled Paper Press
Make Your Own Paper Recycle your scrap paper, old newspapers and tissue paper into beautiful hand-crafted paper. Start with a slurry of paper pulp, drain it in the sieve tray, then press it flat with a special tool. Experiment with different paper fibers and add pigment t... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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Sustainable Earth Lab
Environmental Science Kit News of environmental problems threatening life on Earth seems to be everywhere. All of this information can be frightening and confusing, especially to a child. This science kit gives you the tools and informationto learn firsthand about the env... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: 638016

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IEC Stream Tray Powder Coated
IEC POWDER COATED STREAM TRAY A simple, strong, powder-coated, rust resistant, metallic tray with a drain hole. Use in the classroom to study the effects of erosion on soil. Build simulated hills and valleys in the tray by using certain sand and soils, then introduce wat... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: MF3880-001

<br>The finish is now powder coated.
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