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Vernier Arduino Interface Shield

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The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield provides a convenient way to make connections from Arduino microcontrollers to Vernier sensors. The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield plugs directly on top of the Arduino and adds two BTA (analog) and two BTD (digital) sockets. This shield was developed to be used with the SparkFun Arduino RedBoard but will work with the Arduino Uno and other Uno equivalents like the Leonardo. It also works with the Intel Galileo.

Sample code is provided on the Vernier website which will support auto-ID for all Vernier sensors and will get you started with writing your own data-collection programs. Works with over 80 Vernier sensors with BTA and BTD connectors.
See Vernier's full guide on how to use Vernier sensors with Arduino View >>>>

• 2 analog sensor ports (BTA sockets)
• 2 digital sensor ports (BTD sockets)
• Reset button
• General-purpose button
• Indicator LED
• Includes a multiplexer to allow auto-ID to work on both channels (both analog and digital)

Supported Microcontrollers:
• SparkFun Arduino RedBoard
• Arduino UNO
• Arduino Leonardo
• Intel Galileo

Compatible Sensors:
The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield is compatible with these Vernier sensors. There are sample sketches for most of the sensors to use with Arduino. View >>>>
• Low-g Accelerometer
• 25-g Accelerometer
• 3-Axis Accelerometer
• Anemometer
• Barometer
• Blood Pressure Sensor
• Charge Sensor
• CO2 Gas Sensor
• Colorimeter
• Conductivity Probe
• Constant Current System
• Current Probe
• High Current Sensor
• Diffraction Apparatus
• Digital Control Unit
• Dissolved Oxygen Probe
• Vernier Optical DO Probe
• Drop Counter
• EKG Sensor
• Electrode Amplifier
• Ethanol Sensor
• Flow Rate Sensor
• Dual-Range Force Sensor
• Force Plate
• Gas Pressure Sensor
• Goniometer
• Hand Dynamometer
• Exercise Heart Rate Monitor
• Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
• Instrumentation Amplifier
• Ammonium Ion-Selective Electrode
• Calcium Ion-Selective Electrode
• Chloride Ion-Selective Electrode
• Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode
• Potassium Ion-Selective Electrode
• Light Sensor
• Magnetic Field Sensor
• Melt Station
• Microphone
• Go!Motion
• Motion Detector
• CBR 2
• O2 Gas Sensor
• ORP Sensor
• pH Sensor
• Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor
• Photogate
• Polarimeter (Chemical)
• Power Amplifier
• Vernier Radiation Monitor
• Relative Humidity Sensor
• Respiration Monitor Belt
• Rotary Motion Sensor
• Salinity Sensor
• Soil Moisture Sensor
• PAR Sensor
• Pyranometer
• Sound Level Meter
• Spirometer
• Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
• Go!Temp
• Infrared Thermometer
• Surface Temperature Sensor
• Extra Long Temperature Probe
• Thermocouple
• Wide-Range Temperature Probe
• TI Light Probe
• Time of Flight Pad
• Turbidity Sensor
• UVA Sensor
• UVB Sensor
• Vernier Energy Sensor
• Vernier Projectile Launcher
• 30-Volt Voltage Probe
• Differential Voltage Probe
• Voltage Probe

Download the current Vernier K-12 Catalogue
Download the current Vernier University Catalogue

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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    Works with:
    ARD-REDVernier SparkFun RedBoard with Cablefrom $61.00 plus GST

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