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Vernier Structure and Materials Tester (VSMT) Tackle Kit

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This Tackle Kit is supplied with the Vernier Structures and Materials Tester and includes accessories to make it quick and easy to load bridges, materials, beams and structures of varying sizes and shapes.
It may be useful to purchase this separate VSMT Tackle Kit so that one student can prepare a structure for testing while another performs the test on their structure. This eliminates wasted time between tests and speeds up student competitions.

     One 50x50x6mm loading plate
     One 50x80x6mm loading plate
     One 30cm threaded rod
     One 20cm threaded rod
     Two welded eye bolts
     Two threaded quick links
     One coupling nut
     One large U-bolt
     One small U-bolt
     One 16.5cm chain

The connecting threaded parts are 6.35mm diameter material and 20 threads per 25.4mm

Is the VSMT-TK tackle kit able to handle 1000N of force?
Some of the tackle kit components included with the VSMT can bend when excess force is applied. This includes the U-bolts, which will bend before the 1000N maximum rating of the force sensor/load cell.
In one test on the small U-bolt Vernier technicians noted elastic deflection occurred at approximately 200N load and permanent deformation at approximately 500N. With the large U-bolt the permanent deformation set in at approximately 600N. In both cases the load was applied to a near single point by a thin rod suspended between the cross bars which were positioned as close to each other as possible.
The effects of this can be minimized by purchasing a second plate for the U-bolt and doubling up this part or by setting project limitations to avoid exceeding the strength of the hardware.
Additional hardware can be purchased from local hardware stores.

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