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Vernier Go Direct Biology Starter Package

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Designed for use by a group of 2-4 students, the Vernier Go Direct Biology Starter Package includes:

     • GDX-TMP Vernier Go Direct Temperature Probe
     • GW-HR Vernier Go Wireless Heart Rate
     • GDX-GP Vernier Go Direct Gas Pressure Sensor
     • GDX-CO2 Vernier Go Direct CO2 Gas Sensor

Rechargeable Battery — Ready When You Are
The Vernier Go Direct™ robust rechargeable battery offers long battery life and provides always-ready operation. Monitor battery life directly from Vernier's free Graphical Analysis™ 4 app Should the battery run low simply connect the sensor to the charging cable and keep on collecting — no interruptions or inconvenience to you or your students.

Wired or Wireless — The Flexibility to Choose
Vernier's Go Direct™ sensors connect directly to your mobile device, Chromebook or computer using Vernier's free Graphical Analysis™ 4 app. No additional equipment or software purchases are necessary. Go Direct sensors can be used wired via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth allowing you to choose the solution best for your classroom or laboratory.

NOTE:Vernier compile their convenient packages to align with Vernier Lab books.
All items in a package can be purchased separately with costs being similar.

It may be better value to use the above product list as a guideline only and put together your own package
to suit key experiments in the Australian curriculum View >>>>

Please contact us if you would like further assistance.

COMPATIBILITY CHECK and Set Up Guide for your Vernier sensor, interface and software:
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Download the current Vernier K-12 Catalogue
Download the current Vernier University Catalogue

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

Last edited 13th Mar 2020

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