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Grub Screw to suit IEC Power Supply Knob - Pack of 10

Order code: PA1993-005
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A pack of 10 grub screws to suit many IEC products like Power Supplies.

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.

Last edited 26th Nov 2020

Works with:
LB2634-001IEC Power Supply 2 to 12V AC/DC 5 Amp LED Overloadfrom $145.00 plus GST
LB2629-001IEC Power Supply 2 to 12V AC/DC Mini Packfrom $130.00 plus GST

sc5560.jpgThe grub screw fits knobs like this one found on IEC Power Supplies and other products. Knob NOT included.