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IEC Radioactive Simulator - Magic

Order code: AP2668-001
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This completely safe instrument simulates a Geiger Counter without using actual radioactive sources. It can display the counts of particles leaving an imaginary radioactive 'source' and also can display the number of radioactive particles remaining inside the 'source'. The concept of half-life is easily demonstrated and the random nature of the particle counts can be shown. The unit is used also in Maths in the study of 'random numbers' and statistics.

A bright LED display makes classroom viewing easy and audible clicks simulate particle emission and counting. Very short or infinitely long decay time 'sources' are selectable. The elapsed time is also visible for plotting decay against time graphs. At the press of a button the magic 'radioactivity' is renewed.
With teachers notes and classroom work-sheets.

Battery operated or buy PA4096-020 12V plug pack.

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.

  • Warranty: 6 months
    • Product size: 100x175x37mm (WHD)
    • Weight: 320g

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      Accessories / Spare Parts:
      PA4096-020IEC Plug Pack for various IEC productsfrom $32.20 plus GST

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      User ManualIEC Radioactive Source Simulator