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IEC Vibrator for Strings Meldes App 4-8V AC

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This compact and robust instrument is used for the lateral vibration of a cord at 50Hz or 60Hz frequency for experiments in standing waves and resonance. It can be free standing, clamped to a bench or supported horizontally or vertically from a retort stand.

When used normally, the cord is tensioned by passing it over a pulley mounted at the edge of the bench and attaching the cord to a scale pan. Adding weights to the pan increases the tension in the cord and the active length of the cord is adjusted by moving the instrument on the bench relative to the position of the pulley clamped to the edge of the bench.

If the unit is supported on a retort stand so the cord hangs vertically from the vibrator, a pulley is not required and a normal weight hanger can be attached directly to the end of the cord. Mounting the unit vertically makes adjustment of the cord length more difficult, but it demonstrates the various reactions at the weight end of the cord.

Depending on how the unit is supported the cord can be made to vibrate in any plane and therefore can be viewed by students from various directions.

Very small changes in the length of the rod alters the tune or the resonance considerably. If a variable frequency AC power source is available (LB3756-101 IEC Wave-Lab or LB3754-001 IEC High Power Signal Generator) the Vibrator can be made to resonate at different frequencies by setting different frequencies on the generator and by adjusting the vibrating length of the rod to obtain best vibration.

Powered by 4-8V AC or LB3756-001 IEC Wave-Lab or LB3754-001 IEC High Power Signal Generator.

• Melde’s Apparatus vibrator.
• 3m Length of strong white cord.
• Bench clamp and pulley for attachment to the edge of a bench.
• Plastic scale pan with hook to carry weights for tensioning the cord.

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.

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