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IEC Kundts Apparatus 50mm Diameter 800mm Long Complete

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Use this quality Australian made apparatus to reproduce Kundt’s experiments studying wave motion inside a tube using sound and creating ‘standing waves’.

Apart from an audio oscillator, amplifier or oscilloscope (which are not included) no other equipment is needed, making the apparatus quick, clean and easy to set up.

• Transparent tube, with transparent scale and 2 holes with sliding covers for work on resonance.
• Twist the tube to move the scale. The scale can be read from either the upper or lower side of the tube (for measuring the microphone position).
• The strong piston has a fibreglass support rod and is a good fit in the tube.
• The speaker is fitted with a protection circuit to avoid damage if too much power is applied from the signal source.
NOTE: Small speakers can easily be destroyed by too much power, so this feature is very important.
• The microphone is sensitive and strong with a fibreglass support blade.
• The Microphone Buffer has a standard 9V battery with very long life (several years). The circuit is turned on/off when the microphone plug is inserted/removed. If the LED is on when plug is inserted, the battery is OK.
• The parts are quickly and easily fitted and cannot be broken easily.
• Strong tubular package can be re-used in the classroom for storage.

• 50mmD x 820mm transparent tube complete with transparent scale and 2 holes with sliding covers for work on resonance.
• 2 support blocks to hold the tube horizontally up from the work bench.
     One support grips the tube and holds the speaker.
     The other support grips the tube and contains a guide for the piston and microphone as it slides inside the tube.
• Piston on a long rod to create various length closed tubes.
• Microphone and cable on long blade to pass through a slot in the piston and place it at any position along the tube.
• Microphone Buffer unit to interface the microphone to an amplifier or oscilloscope.
• Detailed instructions, experiments and suggestions for further investigation.

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.

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This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSPH073 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - A mechanical system resonates when it is driven at one of its natural frequencies of oscillation; energy is transferred efficiently into systems under these conditions
ACSPH072 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - The superposition of waves in a medium may lead to the formation of standing waves and interference phenomena, including standing waves in pipes and on stretched strings
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ExperimentSP22 Standing Waves
ExperimentStanding Waves in a Tube
User ManualIEC Kundt's Apparatus

sw1996-001.jpgKundt's Apparatus.

sw1996-001a.jpgDetail of Microphone Buffer.