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ACSPH072: Year 11 Linear Motion and Waves - Waves

The superposition of waves in a medium may lead to the formation of standing waves and interference phenomena, including standing waves in pipes and on stretched strings

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Vernier Logger Pro 3 Software Electronic Version
VERNIER LOGGER PRO 3 DOWNLOAD Vernier's Logger Pro is an easy to use data-collection and analysis software for Windows and Mac computers. The generous Site Licence covers a single school campus or in the case of a university, a single department at a single campus. The l... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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IEC Signal Generator - Audio Oscillator 0.1Hz to 99.999kHz 1.5A
A broad range, high current instrument with sine, triangular, saw tooth or square wave output. This instrument can directly feed a loud speaker, solenoid, vibrator or other electromechanical devices with a current up to 1 amp at 5 volts RMS (15 V. p/p) making amplifiers unnecessa... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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IEC Kundts Apparatus 50mm Diameter 800mm Long Complete
This Australian made apparatus is used to study: the relationship between wavelength and frequency, the speed of sound, resonance and standing waves, it's also used to reproduce Kundt's experiments on wave motion inside a tube using sound and 'standing waves'. Apart from an audio... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
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<br>Kundt's Apparatus.
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IEC Wave Demo Spring Set
Consists of one long helical spring (approximately 20 x 1800mm) and one slinky spring (approximately 70 x 100mm). The springs can be stretched along a floor for approximately 10 metres. Both springs are high quality, tempered and corrosion resistant. When the springs are s... CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Order code: SW4260-001

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