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IEC Signal Generator - Audio Oscillator 0.1Hz to 99.999kHz 1.5A

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A broad range, high current instrument with sine, triangular, saw tooth or square wave output. This instrument can directly feed a loud speaker, solenoid, vibrator or other electromechanical devices with a current up to 1 amp at 5 volts RMS (15 V. p/p) making amplifiers unnecessary. Experiments on low frequency oscillations and waves can be devised using a loud speaker as the source of oscillations.

Frequency range: 0.1 Hz to 99.999 kHz.
Accuracy and stability is approximately 0.01% maximum.
Resolution is 0.1 Hz up to 9999.9 kHz or 1 Hz from 10 kHz to 100kHz.
Output is via safety shrouded 4mm banana sockets and is short circuit protected to 1 amp.

Also see the DUAL channel Wave-Lab as an alternative to this oscillator.

Last edited 15th May 2019

This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSPH073 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - A mechanical system resonates when it is driven at one of its natural frequencies of oscillation; energy is transferred efficiently into systems under these conditions
ACSPH072 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - The superposition of waves in a medium may lead to the formation of standing waves and interference phenomena, including standing waves in pipes and on stretched strings
ACSPH110 - Gravity and electromagnetism - Electromagnetism - A changing magnetic flux induces a potential difference; this process of electromagnetic induction is used in step­up and step­down transformers, DC and AC generators, and AC induction motors
ACSPH111 - Gravity and electromagnetism - Electromagnetism - Conservation of energy, expressed as Lenz’s Law of electromagnetic induction, is used to determine the direction of induced current
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