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Eutech Waterproof Double Junction pHTestr10

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With high accuracy and easy twist-off user-replaceable sensor, the pHTestr®10 is designed to last longer with more user-friendly features and lower operating cost requirements. The double junction electrode makes the tester ideal for dirty water and solutions with heavy metals or contaminants, while increased reference gel volume offers significantly longer electrode life. The pHTestr®10 features a waterproof, dustproof housing that protects your instrument from rugged field or plant environments.

• Accuracy of ±0.1 pH in a waterproof pocket-sized instrument
• Suitable for most ASTM and EPA test procedures
• Large LCD dual display screen for enhanced readability of the provided comprehensive meter information
• Waterproof and dustproof housing maintains the integrity of your tester even in harsh conditions. Plus it floats!
• User-replaceable sensor so you can reuse the same meter body many times
• Double junction sensor offers longer lasting usage
• Double junction electrode ideal for dirty water, heavy sulfides, tris buffers and organics
• Increased reference gel volume offers significantly longer electrode life
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Three point push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition gives quick, easy calibration with no calibration mistakes
• Choice of USA or NIST pH buffer standards with up to 3 points
• Auto power off saves battery power after non-use
• Enhanced power saving allows extended power consumption up to 500 hrs with single battery set
• Hold function freezes reading momentarily for easy viewing
• Self-diagnostic for easy troubleshooting (e.g battery indicator, message codes)

• Range:0.0 to 14.9 pH
• Resolution:0.1 pH
• Accuracy:±0.1 pH
• Calibration:Up to 3 points US or NIST (4.01, 6.86/7.00, 9.18/10.00)
• ATC:Yes
• Electrode:Replaceable double junction
• Waterproof/Dustproof:Yes
• Operating Temperature:0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
• Power:Four 1.5 V batteries
• Battery life:Over 500 hours

  • Warranty: Tester: 2 years. Electrode module: 6 months.
    • Weight: 90g
    • Packed weight: 125g

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