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Oscilloscope Probes

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Note: Two probes are required for dual trace oscilloscopes.

This probe set consists of a 1.2m cord terminated at one end with a moulded-on stainless steel BNC connector and 1 x, 10x attenuator probe at the other end. An earthing lead 180mm long with alligator clip to connect to the probe at the other end is provided. Also provided is an adaptor that slides on to the probe to change the probe tip to a spring hook.

*NB: Not to be used for EHT voltage.

- 100x required for this.

- Attenuation 10:1
- Bandwidth DC~40MHz (+/-1dB) DC~60MHz (±1dB)
- Input R ~10M ohm
- Input C ~22pF
- Max Input Voltage: DC 600V

- Attenuation 1:1
- Bandwidth DC~3MHz (+/-3dB) DC~6MHz (±3dB)
- Input R ~1M ohm
- Input C ~180pF
- Max Input Voltage: DC 600V

Bandwidth : 100.0MHz
Vertical rise time : 3.5ns

Last edited 16th May 2019

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