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Horizon Edustak Junior

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The 4 watt fuel cell stack comes assembled but can be dismantled and reassembled for a hands-on look at a fuel stack.

Feed air and hydrogen to the stack to produce electricity for powering your models, robots, phones etc. Note a source of hydrogen is required like a Horizon Fuel Cell Kit that includes a hydrogen fuel cell or if the budget permits a HydroFill Pro is ideal.

A single fuel cell consists of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and two flow-field plates delivering about 0.5 and 1V voltage (too low for most applications). Just like batteries, individual cells are stacked to achieve a higher voltage and power. This assembly of cells is called a fuel cell stack, or just a stack.

The power output of a given fuel cell stack will depend on its size. Increasing the number of cells in a stack increases the voltage, while increasing the surface area of the cells increases the current. A stack is finished with end plates and connections for ease of further use. This stack produces 4 watts.

EDUSTAK Junior provides fuel cell technology for the classroom without using compressed hydrogen. Investigate the power potential of hydrogen technology by constructing your own 4W fuel cell stack.

HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridges provide instant hydrogen fuel and no tools are required to assemble a stack.

EDUSTAK is the perfect technology to conduct advanced research into MEAS, investigate thermal effects within stacks and is even a shortcut to starting your own fuel cell lab.

Last edited 7th Apr 2018

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fcsu-32-a.jpgAssembled Fuel Stack.

fcsu-32-d.jpgTub that the kit comes in.

fcsu-32-c.jpgPartly assembled kit with Fuel Cell.

fcsu-32.jpgOperating Kit with Fan.

fcsu-32-b.jpgKit with iPhone (iPhone is NOT included).