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Diffraction Grating 3 in 1 Demonstration Slide

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A high quality UK made three-in-one Diffraction Grating with 100, 300 and 600 lines/mm gratings. The side-by-side diffraction gratings make it easy to investigate diffraction patterns and the relationship between line spacing and the angle of diffraction.


• Nominal sizes: overall 33x89x2.2mm, gratings 16mm wide x 10mm high.

• Size 90 x 30 mm with three different gratings of 100, 300 and 600 lines per mm

• The gratings are approx. 16 x 9 mm and are mounted between protective glass sheets

• The spectroscopic type gratings are an excellent way of demonstrating the effect of different line frequencies, either by casual viewing or by inclusion in a simple optical system.

Suggested uses of the Educational Diffraction Grating:

1. Look at various light sources through the gratings and examine the spectra. Which colours of light are diffracted to the greatest angles? How does the shape and orientation of the light source affect the pattern?

2. Using a line-filament light source, compare the diffraction patterns produced the three gratings. By looking through two gratings at once (centre your eye on the division), you can directly compare two patterns. How does the angle of diffraction vary with the line spacing of the grating? Repeat the observations with a colour filter between the light source and the grating.

3. Examine the spectra of various spectral light sources. Show students how an element can be 'fingerprinted', allowing scientists to analyse the composition of unknown materials and even to determine the composition of stars.

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