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Nalgene Beaker Griffin Low-form PMP 100ml

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A Nalgene branded PMP (polymethylpentene) 100 ml beaker with the transparency of glass, excellent chemical resistance and remarkable heat tolerance.

Marked with easy-to-read silkscreened graduations in millilitres, catalogue number, size code, resin code, maximum temperature use and no flame symbol.
Meets ISO/DIN 7056 International Standards for Laboratory Plasticware Beakers.
Can be used continuously at 150°C with intermittent service to 175°C.
NOT suitable for use on a hot plate.

Last edited 14th May 2019

This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU046 - Chemical Sciences - Solids Liquids Gases - A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat
ACSSU077 - Chemical Sciences - Solids Liquids Gases - Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways
ACSSU095 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Changes - Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting
ACSSU113 - Chemical Sciences - Separating Mixtures - Mixtures, including solutions, contain a combination of pure substances that can be separated using a range of techniques
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