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IEC Dissectible Transformer Small 12V AC 300+300+600T

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The small IEC dissectible transformer is a cut-down version of the EM1973-001 Hodson Induction Kit. It consists of a 'U' and 'I' core and a set of coils for study of induction and transformers and it is designed to operate at a safe 12V AC. Iron bars are included to study losses in iron, eddy currents, DC and AC magnets and more. A pair of strong Alnico bar magnets are included in the kit.

The experiment notes as supplied with the Hodson Induction Kit can be used for this item although many of the experiments will not be possible with this more simple kit.

This small and very useful low voltage kit is supplied in a compact plastic carry pack with sponge foam inserts to easily store the components.

1 x laminated iron core, U and I, with iron cross section 16x16mm and laminations held in strong plastic formers for easy dismantling.
1 x 600 turn Primary coil, suitable for 12V AC on the iron circuit
2 x 300 turn secondary coils
1 x long plain iron bar to replace laminated I core for some experiments
2 x short plain iron bars for making electro magnets
2 x plastic clamps for holding short iron cores in place
2 x strong bar magnets for experiments in induction and magnetic fields
1 x plastic carry case with handle and sponge foam compartments.
Instruction booklet from the EM1973-001 Hodson Induction Kit with theory and experiments that can be performed.

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.