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LED Dynamo Torch

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Made especially for us from clear plastic so that the ’workings’ are easily seen, this easy to charge dynamo torch has three LEDs for a bright usable output. Charging is accomplished by repeatedly squeezing and releasing the handle which both powers the LEDs and charges an internal storage cell. In trials we have charged the storage cell for just a few minutes and found the LEDs were still glowing, albeit faintly, more than 24 hours later!
Ideal for demonstrating the conversion of mechanical to electrical energy and energy storage. Also ideal as an emergency light for school and home use. When used as an emergency light it is far easier to use and far more practical than similar torches that use torch bulbs. Can also be easily dismantled to see how it works or for use as a static display.
Overall size 101 x 72 x 28mm.

Last edited 21st Jun 2018

This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU080 - Physical Sciences - Light and Sound - Light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted
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