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ScienceWiz Crazy Chemistry Party Kit

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Crazy + Chemistry + Party + 7 Kids + Adult Supervision ==> An explosively good time!

Why not make science a celebration?
Crazy Chemistry Party consists of several projects selected from those in the ScienceWiz™ kits designed by Dr. Penny Norman (Ph.D. from UC Berkeley), all deemed fit for any parent looking to throw a unique home event. The activities last for about 90 minutes and can be interspersed with other party fare such as games or snacks! Perfect for any parent or teacher planning a unique afternoon of play for primary age children.

Crazy Chemistry Projects:
Capture CO2 explosions
Make candles
Hold a bulging coin contest
Learn the secrets of the upside down water trick
Sink and float balloons

Each Kit contains:
7 Pipettes
7 Graduated cylinders
450g wax and other candle making materials
Pack of party balloons
Plastic bag for dispensing baking soda
7 Water trick cups
7 Water trick cards
7 Party treat bags

Materials required, but not included:
450g baking soda
4 litres of vinegar
7 clean recycled soup cans
7 soft drink bottles
Helium tank (optional)

Last edited 30th May 2019

This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU187 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions - Different types of chemical reactions are used to produce a range of products and can occur at different rates
ACSSU031 - Chemical Sciences - Materials - Different materials can be combined, including by mixing, for a particular purpose
ACSSU095 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Changes - Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting
ACSSU225 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions - Chemical change involves substances reacting to form new substances
ACSSU178 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions - Chemical reactions involve rearranging atoms to form new substances; during a chemical reaction mass is not created or destroyed
ACSSU179 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions - Chemical reactions, including combustion and the reactions of acids, are important in both non-living and living systems and involve energy transfer

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Note: Prices do NOT include GST or freight