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Spectacular Science

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Do-It-Yourself Science Show.

Amaze your audience with awesome chemistry demonstrations! Rehearse and perform a science show to entertain your friends and family and teach them some science in the process. The experiments in this kit have been carefully selected and scripted to create exciting performances.

This chemistry set contains the lab equipment, materials and chemicals you need to put on your own science show. A special 64 page full-colour, comic-book style manual guides you through the preparation and performance of 25 shows/experiments. The manual instructs you how to conduct each experiment, explains what is happening scientifically and gives you stage directions for executing it smoothly and safely like a professional. Special cue cards are also included to help you remember your lines and each experiment's procedure.

The experiments are divided into five shows.
In the elemental show, you can crush a soda can with water and heat, move particles with your magic wand, produce a fabric that doesn't burn, make dazzling coloured flames with chemicals and craft a blazing witch's breath.

In the water show, you will defy gravity with water, make water vanish into thin air, bend a spoon and a stream of water, repel water with your fingertips and make a fire-resistant balloon.

The carbon dioxide show gives you a stage to make a self-inflating balloon and a self-destructing bottle and command soap bubbles to rest on an invisible pond.

In the candle show, you will light a candle with water, light a candle remotely and magically extinguish candles in four ways.

For encores, you can watch mystical glowing black snakes grow from a pile of powder, turn red "fruit punch" into purple "grape juice," make sparkling fireworks from an orange and turn "milk" into a solid and back into a liquid again.
Includes 64 page full colour manual with 25 experiments
Ages 12 and up

For more information:
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A note about additional materials needed:
For your science show experiments you will need some additional household items such as a bottle of soap bubble solution, powdered sugar, vinegar, aluminium foil and old saucers, bowls and bottles. These materials are written in blue letters at the beginning of each experiment and you should get them ready before you start. As for the vinegar, the cheapest type available from the supermarket will do.

Ask your parents to get you these things and always ask before you take them. That especially applies to chemical materials such as baking soda, denatured alcohol, soot remover (containing copper(II) sulfate), or glycerin. Only ask for the quantities that you will need to practice for and present your experiment. You can prepare the red cabbage juice (see page 56) in advance from fresh red cabbage and freeze it in small portions. It is also recommended that you get a stick lighter for your show experiments so you can keep your distance while lighting something. Also get some long matches (fireplace matches) — lighting a match can be a tricky step in itself during a performance and you will have more time to light things during your performance!

Additional Household Materials Needed:
•well-cleaned empty soft drink can (thin-walled)
•glass bowl
•cold tap water
•barbecue tongs
•stick lighter
•hot tap water
•two (2) old saucers
•dishwashing liquid
•coloured snippets of paper or confetti (for example, from a hole punch)
•small bowl
•denatured alcohol
•piece of cotton material (about 7 x 5 cm), such as material from an old shirt
•table salt
•methylated spirits
•soot remover (one that contains copper salt. If you happen to have copper(II) sulfate from a chemistry set or crystal growing kit, that will also work)
•2 non-transparent paper or plastic cups (non-reusable)
•small watering can with water
•bowl or plastic tub
•dish towel, scarf or fleece
•artist's paintbrush (soft, dry brush made of animal hair)
•household vinegar
•empty, thin-walled non-reusable plastic water bottle (1.5 litre), rinsed clean, without label (see-through)
•permanent marking Pen
•2 identical glasses (e.g. tall water glasses)
•soap bubble bottle
•large glass bowl
•household vinegar
•(fireplace) matches and box
•glycerin (glycerol) (from the pharmacy or health store)
•fireplace match (long) without box
•candlestick in a candlestick holder
•clear tape
•glass lantern (candle holder vase)
•powdered sugar
•baking soda
•denatured alcohol
•homemade red cabbage juice
•white paper
•fresh, firm pieces of orange peel
•small piece of paper (e.g. from a note pad, about 6 x 6 cm)
•cornstarch (no flour)
•plastic bowl

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This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU225 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions - Chemical change involves substances reacting to form new substances
ACSSU178 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions - Chemical reactions involve rearranging atoms to form new substances; during a chemical reaction mass is not created or destroyed
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